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The Best Snowboarding Terrain Parks in New Zealand

We all know that New Zealand offers world-class skiing and snowboarding experiences. You can tell this by the plethora of Terrain parks that are all about getting off the main trails and testing your abilities. Kickers, halfpipes, rails, boxes and more… there is endless ways to express yourself on the slopes of New Zealand’s mountains.

Like the idea of snowboarding in New Zealand, but haven’t done it before? Good news — every mountain has a beginner park, so you don’t have to go sky high on your first time.

Ready to get some air? Let’s hit the park.


Cardrona’s famous halfpipe

New Zealand’s most famous and extensive terrain parks are found at Cardrona — it’s home to no fewer than four terrain parks, two halfpipes AND an 85–foot big air jump, all designed and maintained in partnership with seasoned pros. Naturally, Cardrona is the main spot during NZ’s winter games.

Wanaka has a strong slopestyle heritage; the small town has produced numerous world-class freeskiers, most famously the Wells brothers who bagged medals several times at the X Games. These legends all honed their skills in the parks of Cardrona, and you can too!

Park Features: Olympic–standard half-pipes, big air jump, jump lines, boxes, rails, wall rides

Mt. Hutt

Mt Hutt
Terrain for All Levels

Canterbury’s biggest ski field boasts five terrain parks to suit keen beginners through to veteran pow–hounds. Rookies will want to dip their toes first at the Hoods Hideout, where its range of small boxes and snow features let you feel like a boss in no time.

More experienced park rangers can head to the Jib Garden and Gunner’s Alley where things get serious with heaps of rails, bowls and jumps ranging from 30ft to 60ft. Start small and work your way up to big air!

Park Features: Small, Large & XL Jump lines, rails, bowls, boxes


The Best the North Island has to offer!!

Tūroa has four parks, making it the North Island’s best terrain park offering. Alpine Meadow is perfect for kids and beginners with small boxes and a few rails. Middle Earth is Tūroa’s newest terrain park and is made for intermediates who want to progress to some small jumps and bigger rails.

Rollercoaster is the jump line that has it all from mini kickers to big jumps. Experts can go big at the High Flyer jump line with nothing but large and extra-large jumps!

Park Features: Boxes, rails, small, medium and large kickers

The Remarkables

Remark Terain
Terrain options at Remarks

The Remarkables invite you to send it in one of their 7 parks, with multiple parks suited to each level: beginners, intermediates and serious shredders. There’s even the Burton Riglet park just for the little ones.

Just like the rest of the mountain, the Remarks’ terrain parks are all about exploring new areas and building your knowledge of the terrain.

Park Features: Huge jump lines, Burton concept park, banked turns, kinked rails, flat boxes, rhythm section, spine ramps

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