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Best things to do in Queenstown off the mountain

You could go to Queenstown in winter and have the holiday of a lifetime without even stepping foot on a mountain to ski or snowboard. Queenstown is known as the Adventure Captial of the World for good reason and it’s right in our backyard! This winter, how about making the trip? Take a few days skiing and keep a few days to explore the other gems of Queenstown. Here are our top 5 things to do in Queenstown that don’t involve snow.

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Please Your Inner Foodie with these 4 Wanaka Restaurants

Are you one click away from booking this year’s ski holiday? Torn between a couple of locations? Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you ski in Kiwiland; every field and destination delivers world-class mountain scenery and mood melting side-adventures, so let’s be clear… good food can make or break a getaway experience. Today’s gastronomic spotlight shines on some of the top  Wanaka restaurants. These are our favourite four haunts to kick back, relax and take advantage of the local après ski setting.

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4 Places to Party in Queenstown

We need to talk about Queenstown. The little city on the edge of the water, hemmed in by mountain chains and adrenaline attractions, generating the kind of international buzz usually reserved for big-name places like New York, London and Buenos Aires. We know snow-hoppers love our hearty little adventure hamlet, but did you know it’s also a foodie, party, let’s-have-a-great-time destination? No? Yes? Maybe? While you make up your mind and ask around, here are four places to party in Queenstown – tried, graded and guaranteed to make you dance with holiday happiness. Just don’t go too hard every night, you still need to make the most of the snow-covered slopes.

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What’s Happening at Cardrona this Summer?

Winter is over. Spring is almost done. But summer? Cardrona comes to life again in the depths of the sunshine months, as glistening peaks signal all kinds of fun to visitors and locals alike – you don’t need skis, snowboards or thick, warm clothes to enjoy New Zealand’s southern alps. All you need is time. How often do you take some for yourself and spend a day or seven seriously enjoying every twist, turn and adrenaline packed second?

Find out why New Zealand is the place to be in summer and join us for a Cardrona mountain biking adventure… or maybe you’re more of a golfer? It doesn’t matter, there’s something for everyone.

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3 Queenstown Eats for Every Food Style

Can you hear that? The rumbling, grumbling sound close to your naval, just under your rib cage? After a long day of skiing and snowboarding your way to holiday happiness, you’ve worked up an appetite, and takeaway brands won’t cut it here. You need food. Delicious, mouth-watering, taste-bud-tempting Queenstown eats that leave you fulfilled and eager to return. We’re happy to oblige. Work your way through our top three Queenstown restaurants, appealing to every budget for a memorable New Zealand holiday, snow or no snow.

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Queenstown Must-Do’s on a Saturday Night

Where should you go, when the snowfields close and lifts stand still? Back to the lodge? Your room? To the warmth of a good, long sleep after a warm tea? While a quiet night might appeal when you’re at home with Netflix and snacks, a New Zealand holiday demands to be explored on the other side of dusk. Are you up to the task of a twilight tour of Queenstown? Great tastes, soothing sounds and magical sites await, as you work your way through our list of Saturday night must-do’s.

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